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The MISSION of the Otto-Eldred School District is to maintain a safe, supportive, and healthy school environment in which to prepare and encourage students to pursue academic excellence and to lead exemplary / commendable lives.

Literacy Mission: Literacy from birth through grade 12 will be the focus of education in the Otto-Eldred School District.  Well-planned transitions, along with a comprehensive literacy plan through the collaboration of stakeholders align evidence-based instruction, assessments, and curriculum providing every student the necessary skills to reach his or her full potential.


The VISION of education in the Otto-Eldred School District is to facilitate development of the potential of each student to the fullest in accordance with the Pennsylvania's academic standards.  Education is the guidance of the student through the learning process to the end that the individual becomes personally effective in a dynamic society.

Literacy Vision:  All students who graduate from the Otto-Eldred School District will be career or college ready with the necessary literacy skills to be personally effective in a dynamic society.

Shared Values:

·  We believe all students can learn and succeed given appropriate standards-based curriculum and research-based instruction.

·  We believe staff and physical facilities should provide a supportive, safe, and secure environment in which to learn.

·  We believe each student is unique and the educational experience should encourage and develop creativity and innovation.

·  We believe educational excellence must be supported by continuous evaluation of facilities and resources, engaging instructional practices, and effective use of technology.

·  We believe education is a life-long pursuit and students must be equipped with the skills for success to compete and thrive in a technology driven global society.

·  We believe in dedication to excellence and high academic expectations while maintaining fiscal responsibility.

·  We believe academic excellence is achieved through innovative and engaging instruction that is supported through continual and individualized professional development.

·  We believe education should promote gratitute over entitlement, character development, ethical behavior, and a positive selfi-image leading to being responsible citizens.

·  We believe effective leadership at all levels is essential to the success of our educational program.

·  We believe encouragement and support of innovation, flexibility, and creativity is necessary in order to successfully adapt to change.

·  We believe that the school, students, family, and community should have shared responsibility and shared decision-making in the educational process through collaboration and communication.

·  We believe excellence in all areas is identifiable, measurable, achievable, and worthy of pursuit.

Otto-Eldred School District
Mr. Matthew Splain, Superintendent

Ms. Brenda Long, Business Manager

143 R. L. Sweitzer Drive
Duke Center, PA 16729

PH: 814-817-1380
FX: 814-966-3911

Otto-Eldred Elementary School

Mr. Ryan McGinnis, Principal
Ms. Lindsay Burns, Asst. Principal

5 North Bennett Street
Eldred, PA 16729

PH:  814-817-1380, opt. 1
FX:  814-225-4917

Otto-Eldred High School

Mr. Harley Ramsey, Principal
Ms. Lindsay Burns, Asst. Principal

143 R. L. Sweitzer Drive
Duke Center, PA 16729

PH:  814-817-1381, opt. 2
FX: 814-966-3911

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